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Lindsay Haynes is a 24-year-old artist from Toledo, Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Art in Visual Arts with a Minor in Art History from the University of Toledo. Lindsay works digitally, and also creates large sculptural pieces using a variety of mixed media including pom-poms, tinsel, and polyurethane foam. Lindsay draws most of her inspiration from her childhood, and what it means to be a kid. Her recent work has been an exploration into the relationship between color/texture and nostalgic, child-like memories and feelings. Her work has been featured in several juried exhibitions in Toledo and surrounding areas. 

Exploring how color and texture can create feelings and memories of nostalgia has been the main driving force for my art in recent years. With my works, I hope to create a visually mesmerizing experience for the viewer, to take them back to when they were younger. As we mature, we often lose our sense of curiosity and imagination; I strive to bring those feelings back with my art. I create art that I hope will inspire others to be messy, be playful, and have fun. Above all, I hope to create works that bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

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